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DGIST World-class University
Rowing Festival

Rowing teams

  • 대학교명: University of Cambridge
  • 보트클럽명: Darwin College Boat Club(DCBC)

조정은 케임브리지 대학의 가장 위대한 전통 중 하나이며, 케임브리지 대학의 유서 깊은 조정의 역사는 옥스퍼드 대학에 처음 맞섰던 1829년으로 거슬러 올라간다. Darwin College Boat Club(DCBC)은 Darwin College가 세워진 지 4년 뒤 1969년에, Chester White 박사에 의해 창단되었다. 이후, DCBC는 캠브리지 대학원 보트 클럽의 가장 성공한 클럽으로 자리매김하고 있으며, Darwin College를 대표하여 캠브리지 강과 템즈강에서 열리는 대회에 참여하고 있다. DCBC는 현재 약 80명의 선수들이 활동하고 있으며, 제4회 DGIST 세계명문대학 조정축제에 참여하게 되어 영광이다.

Rowing is one of the greatest traditions at the University of Cambridge and its rich rowing history dates to 1829, when Cambridge challenged Oxford in an eight-oar boat for the first time. Darwin College Boat Club (DCBC) was founded in 1969 by its current President, Dr. Chester White, only four years after the official foundation of Darwin College. Since then, DCBC has become one of the most successful graduate boat clubs in Cambridge and has grown into a very social and vibrant community of rowers, coxes, and coaches. DCBC represents Darwin College through both events on the river Cam and the prestigious Head of the River Race on the Thames in London. DCBC currently encompasses approximately 80 active rowers, coxes and coaches. We are honored to be given the opportunity to represent Cambridge rowing in the DGIST World-Class University Rowing Festival for the fourth time. Korea, here we come!

Julia Erdelmann Germany Economic Sociology
Katarina Pisani Italy Chemistry
Jessica Walsh UK Clinical Neuroscience
Robin Morrison UK Biological Anthropology
Robert Hickman UK Neuroscience
Mark knighton UK History
Dean Kos Croatia Physics
Maarten Hardenberg Netherlands Biological Sciences
Charlene Fabian UK Biological Sciences